Saturday, 31 August 2013

1st Lookbook

HEY! Here's my first 'look' on lookbook, please have a look if you would be so kind peeps!


Monday, 19 August 2013


Having white blonde hair is such a blessing when it comes to 'on the spot I want to change my hair colour' decisions. The world is your oyster because anything will go on it!

This particular time I chose 'Pastel Pink Panther' by Loreal Paris, retailing at around £5.99 it's not exactly expensive, and if you have short hair like me you'll get a fair few uses out of it too. I've used it a few times now and truth be told I have found it hard getting an even colour after the initial rinse. However, after the second wash its a beautiful all over baby pink which I love!

I'd definitely buy it again and I'm tempted to try the other 'Peach Punch' option too at some point!

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Thank you AMERICAN APPAREL and thank you SHAZAM for introducing me to PACES.

In addition to the clothes I gained yesterday, I also walked away with a song stuck in my head. Ignite- PACES was playing in AA and thanks to a friend SHAZAM-ing it I could find it again when I got home and that's exactly what I did.

Turns out that Mike Perry, the producer behind the sound, is a bloody talented guy. He released his EP 'The Pact' in May of this year and his Soundcloud boasts an impressive culture of bite size beats that will get your head bobbing before you can say "sh*t this is good!" His musical sound is compared to that of SBTRKT (YES!!) and The Postal Service. And whilst I'm still a novice at pin-pointing exact genres here there and everywhere, he come under future base and trip-hop.

Enough from me though, check him out. Now.

FAVES: Ignite (YOUTUBE video down there)

& his recent Phoenix bootleg - Entertainment.


TOPSHOP did good yesterday. I went into the city for a leotard from TOPSHOP and a hoody from AMERICAN APPAREL. However, I ended up only buying from TOPSHOP and buying more than I planned too...

I have wanted one of these basic leotards for a while now, and I finally found my size in the burgundy colour (Yes, it is actually burgundy- poor lighting) I particularly wanted, so that was an easy buy. But I also got side tracked by the grey jersey t-shirt with mesh sleeves on my travels. I instantly rooted out my size and added it to the basket. It's a great fit and easily in keeping with the jersey/sporty trend that's gracing our high-streets- which I LOVE.

The earrings were an impulse buy albeit, but they are awesome. I have wanted to try some hoops to mix things up a bit because I've got into a bad habit of never wearing any of the earrings I buy. So hopefully buying hoops, which I never normally wear, will encourage me to remember!

Finally, after trying on numerous different hoodies in AMERICAN APPAREL I was disheartened to admit I couldn't find the exact one that I wanted. I will find the AA one I want in the end, but I went back to TOPSHOP to grab one of their basics hoodies to satisfy my want in the mean time.

Moral of the story: always rely on TOPSHOP basics... and expect to leave with more than planned.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Ello again

Well, I think it's safe to say I've had a slight gap in posting on here- probably about two years or something now. I was trying to dabble with Wordpress but I want to start posting more photos again. I honestly don't know why I ever deleted all of my old posts two years ago, I wish I'd kept them and I could see how things had changed now.

So here is my first post (again!) I think this vintage reworked shirt from Urban Outfitters deserves an opening blog post, because it's gorgeous of course! I've wanted one like this for a while now, and when I saw that it was only £15 I think I was already at the cash desk paying for it. It had to be mine.

I do feel a little like Ace Ventura - Pet Detective when I were it, but I for one think his shirts are awesome- so each to their own! I'm throwing myself at the Summer wardrobe head on.

Hawaiian shirts. Check.