Saturday, 27 July 2013


TOPSHOP did good yesterday. I went into the city for a leotard from TOPSHOP and a hoody from AMERICAN APPAREL. However, I ended up only buying from TOPSHOP and buying more than I planned too...

I have wanted one of these basic leotards for a while now, and I finally found my size in the burgundy colour (Yes, it is actually burgundy- poor lighting) I particularly wanted, so that was an easy buy. But I also got side tracked by the grey jersey t-shirt with mesh sleeves on my travels. I instantly rooted out my size and added it to the basket. It's a great fit and easily in keeping with the jersey/sporty trend that's gracing our high-streets- which I LOVE.

The earrings were an impulse buy albeit, but they are awesome. I have wanted to try some hoops to mix things up a bit because I've got into a bad habit of never wearing any of the earrings I buy. So hopefully buying hoops, which I never normally wear, will encourage me to remember!

Finally, after trying on numerous different hoodies in AMERICAN APPAREL I was disheartened to admit I couldn't find the exact one that I wanted. I will find the AA one I want in the end, but I went back to TOPSHOP to grab one of their basics hoodies to satisfy my want in the mean time.

Moral of the story: always rely on TOPSHOP basics... and expect to leave with more than planned.

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